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Tentative Schedule (subject to changes)

W1: Jan 8Lecture 1Course Introduction, History of Databases
W1: Jan 10Lecture 2Relational Model and ER Diagram
W2: Jan 15No Class (MLK Day) 
W2: Jan 17Lecture 3Database Design Theory I
W3: Jan 22Lecture 4Database Design Theory II
W3: Jan 24Lecture 5Storage
W4: Jan 29Lecture 6
Assignment 1 due
Index Basics and B-Tree
W4: Jan 31Lecture 7Hashing
W5: Feb 5Lecture 8Query Processing and Optimization
W5: Feb 7Lecture 9
Assignment 2 due
Query Optimization, Transaction Intro
W6: Feb 12Lecture 10Transaction Processing (CC)
W6: Feb 14Lecture 11Transaction Processing (Recovery)
W7: Feb 19Lecture 12Data Warehousing and OLAP
W7: Feb 21Lecture 13Data Mining
W8: Feb 26Tech PresentationA1. Data Mining and OLAP (slides)
C4. Data Visualization (slides)
W8: Feb 28Tech PresentationC5. Customer Relationship Management (slides)
B2. Cloud Platform Offerings (slides)
W9: Mar 4Tech PresentationC1. Statistical and ML Techniques for DBMS (slides)
C2. Graph Databases (slides)
A2. Document Management Systems (slides)
W9: Mar 6Tech PresentationA3. Data Warehousing Product (slides)
B1. Non-relational Database Systems (slides)
W9: Mar 7Assignment 3 due 
W10: Mar 11Tech Presentation
Assignments 4, 5 due
C3. Vector Databases (slides)
C6. Time-series Databases (slides)
W10: Mar 13Lecture 14
Midterm released
Map Reduce and Spark
W10: Mar 15Midterm due 
W11: Mar 18No Class (Spring Break) 
W11: Mar 20No Class (Spring Break) 
W12: Mar 25Lecture 15NewSQL, How to Read Papers
(slides) (handout)
W12: Mar 27Class cancelled due to fire alarm 
W13: Apr 1Lecture 16Vector Databases and ANNS
W13: Apr 3Paper PresentationP1, P2, P3
W14: Apr 8Paper PresentationP4, P5, P6
W14: Apr 10Paper PresentationP7, P8, P9
W15: Apr 15Paper PresentationP10, P11, lecture
W15: Apr 17Project Presentation
Assignment 6, 7 due
Quiz released
Groups 6, 2, 12, 7, 8
W15: Apr 19Quiz due 
W16: Apr 22Project Presentation
Assignment 8 due
Groups 4, 9, 3, 10, 5, 1
W17: Apr 29Final project demo and report due