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Disclaimer: This is a tentative assignment of weights. The instructor reserves the right to change the weights during the course based on how it progresses.

Category%Individual / Team
Survey of DB Technologies10%Individual
Technology Presentation10%Team + Individual
Technology Report5%Individual
Project Proposal10%Team
Take-Home Midterm20%Individual
Research Paper Presentation10%Team
Research Paper Critique5%Individual
Project Final Presentation5%Team
Project Demo and Code Submission15%Team
Paper Quiz5%Individual
Attendance and Participation5%Individual

Each rubric in the above list is given a letter grade (0-4 scale, where A=4, B=3 and C=2 etc.). We will use a finer scale (e.g., a grade of 2.8, 3.6 or 3.9 etc. on an assignment). Those who exceed 3.66 on the weighted average get a definite A. The instructor reserves the right to use her own discretion to lower this threshold. Those with weighted average >2.5 and < 3.66 get a B and so on. Those with weighted average below 2.5 will be candidates for a C (in all prior offerings no D’s were ever given).