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Assignment 8: Project Presentation


Table of contents

Presentation Guidelines

Prepare a presentation about the overall project that includes the following.

  • Please have a title slide with project title, team member names and their emails, and the group number
  • What was the overall goal of the project and what was the intended functionality of your application
  • Mention typical users or intended application and how your database would be used by these users. Convey the meaningfulness of what you implemented.
  • Presesnt your overall approach for the database design (both ER model and relational schema). For single tables, no ER diagram is needed, but all attributes used in the project should be shown. For databases with non-relational data model such as Neo4j and MongoDB, appropriate data constructs and their contents must be shown.
  • If you are using public datasets, show attributes available and what you used. Describe extraction or scraping and cleaning of data, if any, from the website and how it was done.
  • Mention what functions you were able to implement and which ones you could not implement. Give proper justifications.
  • Mention technologies/languages/libraries used and any special features from those that you adopted.
  • Mention the challenges you faced and what solutions you came up with.
  • Mention what you learnt overall by doing this project.
  • Discuss possible extensions of the project (e.g., what features you could have implemented if you had more time)

This presentation should take no more than 10 minutes. You must address all questions listed above.

Submission and Grading

The presentation is worth 5% of your grade. We will grade the project using the following criteria:

  • the amount of effort you put in
  • how complete you were in terms of what you set out to do
  • overall quality of your work
  • how creative/exploratory/innovative/pro-active/ambitious you were in trying out things.