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Assignment 5: Individual Technology Report


Table of contents

This report together with the actual presentation you personally did in the class as a part of the group.

Your report should follow this structure (will help us in evaluation). A rambling report will not receive a good grade. Use the headings as we have given below:

  • Content Summary: Describe the scope/summary of the content you (as an individual) presented in this topic and how it related to the overall scope for the group (4-5 sentences)
  • Sources/References: List all (at least 3) major sources you consulted for your presentation. If they are published papers, write the publication reference properly - as I have stressed from time to time. Just giving a URL for the research paper is not appropriate. If you have consulted different websites/blogs, you can give corresponding URLs for those.If it is a blog, a manual or tech report, state the name and the URL link on the web.
  • Assessment: Give your own evaluation of how you and your group did and comment on what you could have done better in terms of content and organization of the overall presentation. This goes beyond just your own part and addresses the whole presentation.
  • Enhancement: As an afterthought, what could you have covered more (restrict to yourself only) if there were no time constraint. Consider scope, breadth and depth that would have made the overall presentation more informative and effective?
  • Learning: Finally, what did you learn from this overall topic presentation (by the entire team) that you did not know before you took this class? What was the most surprising thing you discovered while researching this topic?

Submission and Grading

Submit a PDF of your report using the suggested structure on canvas. Please keep the report under two pages.

This is an individual assignment and will account for the 5% of the class grade.