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Course Policy

Academic Integrity

You are expected to abide by the Georgia Tech Honor Code. You are allowed (and are encouraged) to discuss the course material with other students, but need to solve problems in the homeworks and exams on your own. You are responsible for understanding and being able to explain on solutions that you submit. Suspected honor code violations will be referred to the Office of the Dean of Students and the Georgia Tech Office of Student Integrity.

Late Assignment Policy

One automatic late day is granted for the semester without penalty. Otherwise, late assignments incur a 10% mark reduction for each additional day (24 hrs or part of 24 hrs) after the due date, or 0.1 grade reduction on a 4-point scale. Assignments can be submitted up to 72 hours past the deadline. No late submission is accepted for exams.

Generative AI Policy

Understanding how and when to use generative AI tools (such as ChatGPT, DALL-E) is quickly emerging as an important skill for future professions. The use of generative AI is encouraged with certain tasks and with attribution: you can choose to use AI tools to help understand concepts, brainstorm assignments or projects or revise existing work you have written.

Your use of generative AI tools must be properly documented and cited for any work submitted in this course. In your assignments, we expect you to clearly attribute what text was generated by the AI tool (e.g., AI-generated text appears in a different colored font, quoted directly in the text, or use an in-text parenthetical citation). Submissions should contain no more than 10% AI-generated contents.

Special Accommodation

Please refer to Georgia Tech’s Office of Disability Services for accommodation policies, especially the student guide and documentation pages on this website. Students failing to comply with the requirements set forth in Disability Services will not receive accommodation.