The world is increasingly driven by data, but turning large amounts of raw data into a few actionable insights often requires a team of well-trained engineers. The goal of the D2I lab (part of the Georgia Tech database group) is to 1) design and build systems and tools to help simplify data science at scale for non-experts and 2) train world-class researchers.



The D2I lab is directed by Dr. Kexin Rong.

PhD students

PhD student collaborators

Master and undergraduate students

  • Avinash Swaminathan (MS)
  • Mayur Peshve Lakshimana Rao (MS)
  • Saahir Dhanani (MS)
  • Sarah Sonje (MS)
  • Siddharth Singh Solanki (MS)
  • Harshith Lanka (BS)
  • Kyungmin Park (BS)
  • Mingxuan Nie (BS)
  • Steven Zhang (BS)
  • Vidushi Maheshwari (BS)
  • Ashmitha Julius Aravind (Helen Fellow)
  • Dristi Shah (Helen Fellow)


We are always looking for talented and motivated students who want to help push forward the agenda of democratizing data analytics. If you are a GT PhD student, please email us directly. If you are an undergraduate or master student, please fill out our research questionnaire.