Kexin Rong

I wrote a blog post explaining ASAP.

Our ASAP Paper got accepted in VLDB 2017 !

I gave a talk on ASAP at Monitorama 2017 [slides] [video]

I gave a talk on MacroBase at this year's Asilomar Microcomputer Workshop.

Check out the preprint and demo for ASAP (automatic smoothing for time series visualization) at I will also be giving a talk at Monitorama 2017.

Our MacroBase Paper got accepted in CIDR and SIGMOD 2017 !

We posted new MacroBase results on the arXiv, including new results from production, video monitoring, time-series analysis.

I wrote a blog post on reproducing results from the SCReAM paper. SCReAM (Self-Clocked Rate Adaptation for Multimedia) is a rate adaptive, delay-based congestion control algorithm devised mainly for conversational video services under LTE environment.