Locality-Sensitive Hashing for Earthquake Detection: A Case Study of Scaling Data-Driven Science
Kexin Rong, Clara Yoon, Karianne Bergen, Hashem Elezabi, Peter Bailis, Philip Levis, Gregory Beroza.
VLDB 2018.

MacroBase: Prioritizing Attention in Fast Data
Peter Bailis, Edward Gan, Samuel Madden, Deepak Narayanan, Kexin Rong, Sahaana Suri.
SIGMOD 2017. Invited to ACM TODS "Best of SIGMOD 2017" Special Issue.

Prioritizing Attention in Fast Data: Principles and Promise
Peter Bailis, Edward Gan, Kexin Rong, Sahaana Suri.
CIDR 2017.