I help with CURIS, the department's undergraduate research program, and co-organize weekly lunches for Ph.D. track women in CS. In the past, I've also been involved in various science and engineering outreach events for underrepresented groups.


I served as a teaching assistant for the following classes:
  • Stanford
    • CS 161 - Design and Analysis of Algorithms
  • Caltech
    • CS 1 - Introduction to Computer Programming
    • CS 24 - Introduction to Computing Systems
    • CS 122 - Relational Database Implementation


Software Engineering Intern Pinterest, 2015
Collected training data, developed and evaluated models that can classify soft 404 pages with high precision.

Server Platform InternOpenX, 2015
Evaluated HBase as an alternative to their ad quality database based on MariaDB, and suggested ways to significantly cut down the database volume.

Software Engineering Intern Facebook, 2014
Reduced the update delay for custom audience membership in the Facebook Ads Audience Insights tool from several days down to one hour.

Software Engineering Intern Lookout, 2013
Built a generic app crawler based on Python Scrapy module. Created an internal web service to store, retrieve, edit, delete configurations and schedule tasks for this crawler.