Teaching Assistant @ Caltech
During undergrad, I served as a teaching assistant for the following classes:
  • CS 1 - Introduction to Computer Programming
  • CS 24 - Introduction to Computing Systems
  • CS 122 - Relational Database Implementation

Software Engineering Intern @ Pinterest
Collected training data, built and evaluated models that can classify soft 404 pages with high precision.

Server Platform Intern @ OpenX
Evaluated HBase as an alternative to their ad quality database based on MariaDB, and suggested ways to significantly cut down the database volume.

Software Engineering Intern @ Facebook
Reduced the update delay for custom audience membership in the Facebook Ads Audience Insights tool from several days down to one hour.

Software Engineering Intern @ Lookout
Built a generic app crawler based on Python Scrapy module. Created an internal web service to store, retrieve, edit, delete configurations and schedule tasks for this crawler.